Privacy policy

This privacy statement provides you with the information about the different types of personal data that Moura Education collects and in which ways we intend to use it and your data protection rights, including the right to object to some of the processing we would carry out.
We have generated our terms and conditions and our privacy statement for the protection of both you and Moura Education, therefore we advice you to take time to go through them carefully. You are also advised to go through our Data Protection Policy to get more information if you need.
This privacy statement applies to anyone and everyone who visits our Website and interact with us online through our website.

Purpose and legal basis of data processing

Moura Education operates a platform that provides online courses for students and professionals in cooperation with experts and makes them available via browser and mobile apps. The services of Moura Education are generally time and location-independent. Various data relating to your member account are collected, stored, processed and used depending on the extent to which you use the services offered by us.

We process your personal data collected for specified, explicit and legitimate purposes, in accordance with the applicable laws in Srilanka.

  • The personal data and any information you provide us with - or that we collect about you - will be used, among other purposes, to:
    • maintain a register of Members
    • send transactional email, e.g. send you an email when you have successfully earned a Course Certificate with a copy of your Certificate
    • supply you with any goods and services you may request from us from time to time via our Site, e.g. send you a copy of the book you downloaded
    • create browsing and consumption preference profiles of you in order to make recommendations and a better user experience (UX). For example, we may serve you recommendations on which course to take on our Site or we may serve you ads on a third-party website (what’s known as remarketing) based on the courses you have visited

Collection of general data and information

Specific data transmitted by your browser when visiting our websites are stored automatically by our servers. The log files created thereby include data like your IP address, the URL and landing page, the time, type and number of requests, data volume transferred, date, time and duration of individual accesses, your browser type as well as other similar information that serve as emergency response in the case of attacks on our IT systems and as protection against license abuse.

The collection and use of the information stored in the log files only serves to correctly deliver the contents of our websites, for anonymous evaluations for statistical purposes (like analyzing the user behavior), to improve our services and to provide law enforcement authorities information necessary for prosecution in the case of cyber attacks. These data are not used to draw conclusions about a person concerned.

To deliver our services to you, we must collect personal and non-personal information from you. This information is essential for the provision and quality of our services. For example, it would be pretty impossible for us to send you an email, if we did not have your email address. Similarly, it would be pretty impossible for us to create a Course Certificate for you if we did not know your name. To sum up, we collect data for the following purposes:

  • for the general operation of our services including the ability to log in, to take courses, to generate certificates, to receive emails, to receive grading comments, to post in our forum, etc.
  • for the ability to send out newsletters and other mailings
  • for hosting, e.g. figuring out which country you are from so we can serve you efficiently.
  • for collecting and processing your payment for the courses you want to take.
  • for statistical and analytical purposes, e.g. for purposes of user research and to make our Site easier to use.

Data collection for registered Members is – by necessity – more extensive in order to allow our website to function. We will record the following,

  • full name (required)
  • email address (required)
  • phone number (required)
  • address, city, zip code and country (required)
  • photo (required)
  • credit/debit card information (required, but not stored on our servers)
  • link to LinkedIn profile (optional)
  • link to Facebook profile (optional)
  • link to Twitter profile (optional)
  • courses that the Member is enrolled in (optional)
  • answers to questions in courses (optional)
  • IP address and country of each session (for security purposes and for server session management)

We may only release collected personal data under the following circumstances:

  • as required by applicable law (e.g. in response to a valid request from a law enforcement agency)
  • to designated third parties, in order to resolve or investigate abuse complaints
  • when the information is related to spiders, bots, and other technical issues
  • when attempting to block abusive users or to complain to such Internet Service Provider
  • to defend ourselves or our affiliates from legal claims by third parties
  • when deemed necessary to protect the rights of our user community or our Site

Data and information provided by the user

You may submit as registered user your own comments, learning notes, reviews and other similar information within the framework of use of our services, which are partially visible for other users also. We reserve the right to store, process and use posts that are visible for other users in anonymous form after the deletion of the user account also, unless you ask us not to. You can find out more about this in our terms of use. If you are not familiar with our Terms and Conditions please go through them for more information.

Monitoring of learning progress

Our system collects data about your personal user behavior, such as your learning progress, viewed videos and answered quiz questions or similar activities in order to provide you with optimal support while learning. Data regarding your learning progress are not passed on to unauthorized third parties under any circumstances.

Lecturer’s learning content

Learning content uploaded and created by using services provided by us – such as videos, screencasts, quiz questions, documents and similar educational content (“educational content”) – is only available to users who have already registered.

Duration during which personal data is stored

The duration of personal data storage is based upon the legal storage period and the personal data are routinely deleted after the expiry of this period or immediately after termination of the membership at Moura Education or at an earlier date upon request of a person concerned, insofar as the data are not required to fulfill or initiate a contract. This means that, in general, we delete personal information when: the purpose for its processing has been fulfilled or the contractual relationship with our client, you or your company has ended; all mutual claims have been fulfilled; and there are no other legal obligations to retain the personal information nor legal bases for further processing. 

Your Rights

Depending on where you are in the world, if we in Moura Education processes your personal information, you may have one or more of the following rights in respect of that personal information:

  • to be informed about the collection and use of your personal information;
  • to ask whether we process your personal information and request a copy of it if so;
  • to object to decisions that we may make based solely on the automated processing of your personal information;
  • in certain circumstances, to object to processing of your personal information where we do so for the purposes of our legitimate interests; 
  • to request that any inaccurate or incomplete personal information of yours in our care is rectified or competed;
  • in certain circumstances, to restrict our processing of your personal information;
  • in certain circumstances, to request that we delete your personal information;
  • to object to our processing of your personal information for direct marketing purposes.

Not all of these rights are absolute, which means that they may only apply in certain situations and may be subject to legal exceptions and exemptions.  To exercise your rights, please email us at

How to make a complaint

Our Legal Team oversees our compliance with data protection laws and this policy, and provides guidance and advice to the firm and our people. Please direct any complaint relating to how the firm has processed your personal information to  We hope that we can resolve any query or concern you raise about our processing of your personal information.


You have the possibility to receive promotion Emails and as well as promotion messages through WhatsApp, Viber or other social media that you’ve used to sign up into our system.The submission of your email address and your phone number is necessary for this purpose. After signing up, you will receive an email where you will be asked for confirmation. When registering for the Account in our website we will ask for all the details required of you and afterwards the promotion messages will be automated in streams that you are interested in joining. For this purpose, we will store your IP address and the date of registration. This storing only serves as proof in the case that a third party misuses an email address without the knowledge of the party concerned.

The links in our newest promotional courses may contain tracking information that enables us to determine which links were of interest to you if you have clicked them. The following data are stored via the tracking link: email address, phone number, link, date and time.

You can revoke getting these promotional information at any time for the future by sending an email to us at Moura Education.


If a third party registered with us by using your email address, please inform us and we will immediately delete your profile, if this is what you desire.

By entering and using our website, you hereby provide us with your consent for the collection, treatment and processing of your personal data according to this Privacy Policy.

We, at Moura Education reserve the right to modify, at any moment, the Terms and Conditions of this Privacy Policy. Any change made to the Privacy Notice will be notified to you through our Site. Once a new version of the Privacy Policy is published, it will automatically be in force. Therefore we recommend that you reread this privacy statement from time to time.

Srilankan law applies.